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A community for the dedicated writer.

Your Team-based Workshop

The traditional model of writers waiting—hoping—that usable feedback will magically happen upon their work is a setup for frustration. It’s lonely, fundamentally negating the concept of community. We Writers Workshop encourages writing teams—groups of writers mutually invested in giving and gathering feedback. Together, securely submit your writing, participate in weekly feedback sprints, and find those usable insights to improve your craft.

What to Expect


Your Writing Community

Since discussion naturally finds its way into aspects of the writing craft—and can often improve it—we know discourse is essential for our community.

Our discussion areas give writers a chance to seek advice on topics like plot, synopsis or proposal writing. When collaboration is needed, discussion can give way to the submission of a Writing Project where Member Critiques might offer more.

Through our dedicated Writers’ Exchange, our Writing Projects feature, and our team‑based feedback Sprints—we support a writer’s need for community.


The Right Tools

Gathering feedback doesn’t have to be a messy endeavour. Our workshop provides special tools to help writers seek and manage feedback:

  • Writing Projects1 – Keep your writing organized and properly versioned with Entries and Chapters. Review past feedback for each version of those entries or chapters.
  • Critique Points – A point-driven system balances the give-and-take. Ask for as much feedback as you’re willing to earn in return.
  • Critique Tools – No tiny text boxes; no survey sheets; and no distractions. Capturing your insights into a writer’s words is what matters most in this workshop.

Critique Sprints

Our workshop offers weekly feedback sessions for focused writing teams. The heart of our workshop; perfect for writers2 needing regular feedback on an ongoing work.

  • Be Part of a Team – Find and join teams of writers mutually invested in giving and receiving feedback. Being in a team is also a great way to earn valuable Critique Points to post more work.
  • Steady Feedback – Participants can earn up to five (5) perspectives on submitted work each week for seven (7) weeks.
  • Various Perspectives – While working with writers within your genre can be the norm, variety matters. Mix things up; writers of different genres offer different perspectives.
  1. Our workshop supports both long and short fiction. ↩︎
  2. This feature is available to Premium Members only. ↩︎

Post Your Writing

Sign up, then create a Writing Project where you can securely post your long or short fiction—regardless of whether it’s your first or final draft. Better-polished submissions tend to earn better Member Critiques.

Writing Community
Writing Tools

Give Feedback

Don’t just wait around for critiques to come to you—explore other writers’ works and earn Critique Points by providing your feedback. The more you participate, the more points you’ll earn towards posting your work.

Receive Feedback

Take advantage of our Critique System—improve your writing through peer review. Then track your work’s evolution across versions. We keep the feedback organized so you’ll know where to find those insights.

Critique Sprints