What makes a great online writing workshop? About Us


As writers, we spend most of our time crafting that Next Great Story. We research, agonize over words and daydream-it's all part of that obsession we call writing. The downside is that much of our time is spent alone. Those of us lucky enough to find a local workshop know the benefit of being around other writers: feedback, encouragement and advice. These things aren't easy to come by. But with our workshop, we give dedicated writers access to them. Here, your participation will consist of three aspects: Writing, Critique, and Learning. Getting started is easy.

So, polish up that first draft and join us.

1. Write

Buried in your drafts is a story. So, make the revisions you can; identify your genre(s), craft a compelling synopsis and then post what you have in a form that's decently presentable.

2. Critique

Broad or detailed, your input matters -explore other writers' works and offer your feedback. You can do this casually or join one of our team-based critique sprints.

3. Learn

With experience gained deconstructing prose, apply what you've learned to your writing projects, and craft that compelling storythat only you can write. Workshopping is a must-have in your writer's toolbox.