Why do I need a premium subscription to participate in a sprint or join a team? Knowledge Base

Our workshop offers special tools to help writers gather feedback faster, consistently and sequentially across all of their Writing Projects. These tools are built with the intent that writers will workshop with a hand-picked team.

We simulate the experience of physical writing "intensives" and creative writing programs, where admission or tuition ensures a seat, so we feel our unique features are worth a premium membership.

All writers participating in our core workshop benefit from a range of feedback in a timeframe that, again, is similar to real-world creative writing programs or intensives.

This kind of essential feedback from other writers is possible to earn in our general workshop, which is open to all members, but it takes longer to gather and manage the feedback, find writers with similar interests, and centralize critique activity in a way that offers maximum benefit for both you and your critique partners.

If you have any questions that are not covered in our FAQ, please feel free to send us a message: admin@wewritersworkshop.com .

Last Edited: 23 months ago