What happens to my account when I cancel my subscription? Knowledge Base

When you cancel your subscription, your account will be reset to a basic, free account.

Side effects include:

  1. Limited Writing Projects - You will be limited to only one (1) project. If you created more than one Writing Project prior to cancelling your premium subscription, you will not be able to create additional projects; however, we will not remove the additional ones.
  2. Limited Writing Entries - The number of Chapters/Entries you can add to your Writing Project will be limited to two (2). If you created several Chapters/Entries prior to cancelling your subscription, those will remain with your Writing Project.
  3. Removal of Project Discussions - Your Writing Projects will no longer have dedicated discussion areas in your personal workshop. Your discussions prior to cancelling your subscription will still exist, but you and other members will no longer have access to those conversations unless you upgrade again .
  4. Exclusion from Sprints & Teams - You will no longer have access to Sprints & Teams (our core workshop). You may still appear in your current team rosters, but you will not be able to participate in any sprints, team discussions, etc.
  5. Exclusion from We3 Chat - Access to our dedicated workshop chat will not be possible-this feature is strictly tied to your premium subscription and to Sprints & Teams .

Features common to the general workshop will still be available to you. As a member of the site, you are still eligible to give and receive unlimited critiques. That means, as a free account holder, you can still earn points required to post new material to the workshop.1

  1. Requires a premium subscription to re-enable features in the Writing Projects/Writing Entries. ↩︎

Last Edited: 23 months ago