How do I spend my Critique Points? Knowledge Base

There is only one way to spend your Critique Points: Posting new content1 to one of your Writing Projects. Each new Chapter/Entry you post to your project costs three (3) points for the first 3,500 words.

The points you must spend to post a chapter increase fractionally over 3,500 words. If you post a 3,500-word chapter, your cost is three (3) credits. If you post 7,000+ words, your cost will be over double X. If you choose to post your entire short story or novel in one post... well, you do the math.

A few notes on updating existing work vs. posting new work:

  1. Updating an existing Writing Entry is free-you may revise and update your existing work as many times as you need.
  2. Adding a new Writing Entry to your Writing Project is not free-we consider new work to be new Chapters/Entries, and may include complete re-writes .
  3. Points are automatically deducted once you post a new Entry.
  4. You may not re-use existing Writing Entries to post new content-we've left this unrestricted on purpose, so please do not abuse this feature2.

We've left the Writing Projects and your Entries relatively open, which means they're also open to abuse. However, we believe that a community of professionally minded writers will avoid attempts at exploiting this system.

Let's keep this open and working for everyone.

  1. Chapters or Entries-also known as "Writing Entries". ↩︎
  2. Attempting to re-use your Writing Entries to post new work is strictly prohibited. Any violation is subject to immediate account suspension and review, a reset on your existing points, and a possible removal of your writing Entries. ↩︎

Last Edited: 23 months ago