I need to spend credits? Knowledge Base

Yes. Providing meaningful feedback isn't easy, and we believe that each member should be compensated for the time they invest reading and then composing a critique.

Unlike other workshops that disguise their currency in the form of Karma, Reputation points, etc., we believe a spade should be called a spade: our currency system, which uses Critique Points, is exactly that.

Critique Points allow you the privilege of posting your Writing Projects and ensure that all members (regardless of seniority or experience) are subject to the same process as a newly arrived member. They also ensure that every member invests time into others' work.

It's also a fairly open system: If you're the type of member who enjoys providing good feedback, earning enough credits to post your completed manuscript in a reasonable time is simple. Of course, if you participate in our team-based review sprints, then earning points is ridiculously easy.

Last Edited: 23 months ago