What about plagiarism? Knowledge Base

The general internet public cannot view your work. We do not post material outside of this private workshop. Within the workshop, your posted works are visible to other members. If you prefer to workshop your writing with a select group of members, you may mark your Writing Project as "Private" and grant one or several members1 the privilege of accessing your project.

However, the reality is that none of these measures will stop an unscrupulous member from misrepresenting your work as their own. That is true in this workshop as it is in any other workshop, online or offline. But you are not without recourse: If you find yourself the victim of such behaviour, report the offending member, and our administrators will take steps to resolve the issue.

Members engaged in plagiarism will have their accounts immediately suspended, pending further investigation by our moderation staff. Should a member be found to be misappropriating/misrepresenting another's work as their own, their account may face cancellation.

We take plagiarism seriously.

  1. These members must be in your workshop contact list before you can add them. This is a minor security measure to ensure that you are selecting the correct member, and not one with a similar Pen Name. ↩︎

Last Edited: 2 years ago