Can't I just pay for Critique Points? Knowledge Base

We don't say this often, but no.

Critique Points cannot be bought, sold or transferred-nor will it benefit you to try it. The only way to earn points is to critique other members' work.

But posting your work is just the first-easy-step. Attracting other members to provide feedback is the second step. To do that you'll need to network a little in the workshop: provide great feedback, make friends, etc.

Alternately, if you're serious enough, earn a chance to join our core workshop sprint (post enough work and offer well-thought-out critiques as a premium member) . There you will find a team of other serious writers, and over the course of the sprint, you will earn more than enough credits to post more of your work.1

  1. The nature and usefulness of credits in the core workshop changes-most members will only need to earn enough credits to post work for each week in our six-week sprints. Participation in our sprints practically guarantees a source of credits. ↩︎

Last Edited: 23 months ago