What is a Writing Project? Knowledge Base

A Writing Project may represent one of your long-fiction projects, or it may represent a collection of your short-fiction works.1 Its purpose is simply to collect your Chapters (if your project is a Novel) or your Entries (if it's a Collection) into one, centralized place. This allows you to see your entire project in one view.

Writing Projects also come with some useful at-a-glance statistics like your total Chapters/Entries, number of critiques received/pending, and your overall word-count. With your project comes some organizational features: The ability to add new Chapters/Entries and re-arrange their order, or make an entire project private.

There are many other useful features, some are creative/cosmetic, and others help you hone your writing skills.

  1. Long fiction is typically a novella or novel, while short fiction is typically anything from poetry to flash-fiction and short stories. ↩︎

Last Edited: 23 months ago