What's the difference of the regular workshop and the core workshop? Knowledge Base

The regular workshop functions like any other general workshop online and off: You find work you like; you provide your feedback on that work and possibly future instalments of that project; you continue to do this across as many projects as you prefer, earning enough Critique Points to post work of your own.

For some writers, the feedback they receive in the general workshop is enough. And unlike our core workshop (Sprints & Teams), the pace is considerably more relaxed. You workshop at your own pace.

Our Sprints & Teams provides a fixed schedule, and a team that is specific to your preferred genre or reading tastes. Unlike the regular workshop, sprints require each member to participate regularly, sometimes weekly , providing critiques for other team members.

Sprints commitment-you are accountable to yourself and to your team. Consistent participation practically guarantees that you will receive up to five (5) critiques a week, which is far more than most writers in the regular workshop might see in as many weeks.

We did say this workshop was built for you, the dedicated writer.

Last Edited: 23 months ago