What kind of teams can I join? Knowledge Base

The core workshop supports four types of teams:

  • Draft - This type of team is ideal for members who are still working through their initial drafts. The expectation is simply that each team member post their work weekly or bi-weekly for early story-development feedback over the course of a six-week sprint. Each Draft team is different: Some teams may be faster at producing material for feedback, while others may need more time to compose their material. The overall pace is something that each team must agree upon before starting a sprint. These teams are typically captained by one experienced member.
  • Revision - This type of team is ideal for members who are working through their story's nth revision. The expectation is a little stricter: team members must post weekly, and provide feedback weekly. This regular commitment ensures that all team members receive feedback weekly. A full team provides a considerable amount of feedback for later review. The overall pace is steady, intended to help foster good writing and analytical habits.
  • Fast Track - This type of team is typically smaller than a Revision or Draft team. While the pace is relaxed, the expectation is that team members review and provide feedback on a greater number of submissions, e.g., several chapters at a time. This type of team is intended for those writers who are further into their story's development, and likely closer to a finished/revised Writing Project.
  • Beta - This type of team is intended for members who have a finished Writing Project and are looking for story-wide feedback vs. incremental feedback (chapter by chapter). The pace can be relaxed since the team's focus is on reading a Writing Project from start to finish. These teams are much smaller, given the amount of material that must be read and critiqued. This is usually the last type of team that members participate in; however, new members who have a finished project-and can commit to the required reading-may participate in a beta teams.

Find a team that's suitable for your level of commitment, preferred genre1 and ability.

  1. This workshop encourages members to diversify their reading when it comes to genres-this approach helps to not only attract a different non-genre-specific viewpoint but also to discover approaches to storytelling that the writer is not immediately exposed to while cloistered in their preferred genre. Bottom line: Read wide, critically. ↩︎

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