My teammates write different genres and it isn't working out—what do I do? Knowledge Base

This is one of the more difficult scenarios we encounter. We try to match writers who are of similar backgrounds and genres, but it's not always perfect.

If you find yourself in this situation, open those lines of communication with your team captain first. Discuss what options you might have within the team.

Sometimes, team members can come to an arrangement in terms of who exchanges critiques with whom for the duration of the sprint.

However, it may well be that you are the odd-writer-out. In this case, discussion with your team captain is still recommended. Your captain may choose to escalate this with our moderation team. Once that happens, moderators may opt to move you to another team provided there is room on their roster and it is early enough in the sprint to not greatly impact other members.

In the event that there are no teams open to you in the current sprint, you may choose to continue with your current team for the remainder of the sprint. Or you may choose to be marked as a non-participating member in your current team, relieving yourself of your commitments (along with any critiques you may be owed by other members).

If all else fails, our moderation team may move you to a reserve team (one composed of other non-participating members), until the next sprint.

Remember, viewpoints/feedback from writers of different genres can be just as valuable-if not more so-than those from writers within your genre. Sometimes those out-of-genre opinions are just what you need, though they might not be what you want.

Last Edited: 23 months ago