I can't finish the current sprint—can I still be on the team next sprint? Knowledge Base

Life happens. Work happens. There are many reasons why it's not always possible to see a sprint to completion. We understand this, and so do your teammates. Some writers are not able to participate in sprints-the pace is often cited as a reason for that.

Whatever your reasons may be, speak to your team captain and to your teammates, honestly. There is no shame or judgement involved in not being able to complete a sprint so long as you are sincere about your reasons for bowing out.

You may need to step back and become a non-participant within your team. Or you may need to leave your team until you are ready to participate again. In either case, it is at your team captain's discretion to decide whether to fill your spot on the roster with another member.

If your captain chooses to leave your spot vacant until the next sprint, great-it's always best to work this out with your team. This is one area that our moderation team tries not to be involved in.

Note: The secondary purpose of a sprint is to help cultivate a good work ethic. A team brings together those writers who share that same degree of commitment. This benefits you as much as it benefits your fellow writers.

Last Edited: 23 months ago