How do I draft a new critique? Knowledge Base

Unlike other workshops, we organize our members’ stories using Writing Projects. These projects may be for short or long fiction. Each project contains a collection of Chapters or Entries.

Find a story (a Writing Project) that you like by browsing the Writing Projects page or an individual writer’s projects. Once you find a story you like, view its collection of Chapters/Entries. From there, you can choose which Chapter/Entry you want to critique.

If you are browsing a Writing Project, hovering over a Chapter/Entry will reveal a couple of options: Read and Critique. Choose “Critique” to begin a new critique.

If you are already reading the Entry, you can find the “Critique This Chapter/Entry” button in the left sidebar. Clicking that will give you two options for critique1. Choose the Freeform critique option to begin a new critique.

  1. While we technically have two forms of critique, Freeform and Inline, we’ve disabled Inline critiques for maintenance/upgrades. Inline critiques will be restored once we address functional issues. ↩︎

Last Edited: 23 months ago