I can't come up with 500 words for a critique, what do I do? Knowledge Base

There exist pieces in any workshop that don’t warrant much more than a passing comment. But we believe such instances are rare. Often, quite a bit can be said about one or more aspects of a submission—whether focused on story or craft.

Sometimes an opinion about a story must percolate before it can be committed to words. Take some time to deconstruct the piece. A critique does not have to be written the moment you finish reading a submission.

If in the event that you still cannot critique to the minimum word-count required before submitting, it might be best to send your brief thoughts in a private message to the writer rather than use up one of their critique slots. While you will miss out on Critique Points, I think you can agree that you’d want as complete a critique as possible too. This type of give and take helps the workshop work.

Last Edited: 23 months ago