Why can’t I edit my critique? Knowledge Base

We chose to prevent editing of critiques after they have been published for a number of reasons:

  • Since we allow critics to compose their critiques in a "Draft" state, we feel that there are plenty of opportunities for critics to review their opinions before publishing them. This is part of what it means to craft a well-considered critique.
  • Like the world of print publication, once your words are out there, they can't be taken back. Self-publishing and e-publishing aside, we want our members to have a taste of the industry to help cultivate good working habits, e.g., checking for composition, format, SPaG , etc.
  • From an administration standpoint-we need to ensure that complaints are traceable1, that offending material cannot be easily destroyed without some administrative intervention.
  1. As outlined in our terms and conditions, reflected in our Code of Conduct. ↩︎

Last Edited: 23 months ago