What critique format or style does this workshop support? Knowledge Base

This workshop is open to any number of critique formats and styles. If you are critiquing in our general workshop, we only ask that you review the Critique Guidelines to understand what’s expected of you in terms of subject matter.

In terms of type, the two most common styles of critique are:

The “Reader-Response” Critique

A type of critique where the reader attempts to describe what happens in their mind while interpreting the story. This type of critique may explore how a story resonates against the reader’s personal beliefs and opinions of the subject.

The “Formalist” Critique

A type of critique that examines, closely, the work itself—often it is a deconstruction of the various elements of story as an approach to interpreting the material.

Critiques across this workshop and many others (live or online) often blend both types of critiques: borrowing the personal reactions of a reader response and structuring them to reflect a formalist critique.

We encourage writers to dig deep in their feedback, forgoing examination of a story’s surface elements (language) and focusing on the story’s substance (content). This deeper examination benefits both the critic and writer—these deconstruction skills are immediately applicable to your personal writing projects.

How you choose to format your critique, e.g., with headings, etc., is really up to you.

Last Edited: 23 months ago